Regulation Enforcement

For your safety and convenience, Parking Services enforces the University's Traffic and Parking Regulations.

Violations of the University of Alberta Traffic and Parking Regulations are enforced by a system of fines involving the issuing of parking tickets and, when necessary, tow-away action.

Student ID Encumbrance
The University reserves the right to withhold marks, transcripts, and to deny registration or access to registration materials for non-payment of fines incurred by students. This is in accordance with Section 7.5 of the regulations. Encumbrances will be removed within one hour of citation payment.

Staff Payroll Deductions
The University reserves the right to make deductions to the payroll of employees who incur parking fines, in accordance with Section 7.4 of the regulations.

Vehicles consistently parked in contravention of the regulations are placed on the tow-away list, in which case they will be subject to tow-away from the University property, including meters and casual parking areas, whenever found, whether or not payment for parking has been made. Any other vehicles identified as belonging to the same registered owner or operator are also subject to tow-away.

Vehicles placed on the tow-away list will not be removed from the list until all fines for all related outstanding violations are settled in full.

Vehicles towed away from the campus can be recovered by contacting Cliff's Towing Ltd. (780-451-1555) at 8921 50 Street, Edmonton.