Parking for Students Living in Residence

Parking permits for resident students are limited. Overall space availability may not be sufficient to allow a parking permit for everyone who wishes to bring a vehicle to campus.

When purchasing a parking permit, please bring your vehicle registration and driver's licence. There are no third-party permit sales allowed. It is important to remember that Fall/Winter Session student permits are not guaranteed to be renewed beyond the dates originally purchased. Students are encouraged to arrange all parking they require for the academic year at the time of initial purchase, rather than chance renewal on a month-to-month basis. Space cannot be guaranteed to be available after a permit has expired.

East Campus VillageHUBInternational House and Lister Centre permit sales are done online.

Michener Park has separate parking information.

Newton Place parking can be arranged through Target Parking. Call 1-877-256-7275.

Residence Saint-Jean has no resident parking available onsite. Please refer to Parking for Commuting Students.

Augustana parking through the Augustana Faculty (

Parking Services' preferred method of payment is monthly bank withdrawal however we do accommodate additional payment options:

  • Monthly Bank Withdrawal
  • Monthly Credit Card payment (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX)
  • Pay for the duration of the permit (Interac, Credit Card, Cash, Cheque or Money Order) 
  • Lump Sum payment (Interac, Credit Card, Cash, Cheque or Money Order)