Honk Mobile and U-PARK

The technology upgrade across all UAlberta Parking Services locations in Fall 2016 has enabled us to create new and exciting partnerships with service providers. In March 2017, our introduction of HonkMobile will enable UAlberta students, staff and visitors to seamlessly search, pay for and top up parking from a phone, tablet or computer.

How it works:

1. Download the HonkMobile app. Find it at honkmobile.com, Google Play or the App Store

2. Set up your account. Add as many vehicles and payment sources as you like to your profile.*
3. Use HonkMobile to pay for your parking at UAlberta (not available at Jubilee car park)


How does the university know I’ve paid for parking?
Each parking transaction is registered with your license plate. Parking Services enforcement officers have a real-time list of compliant plates. You do not need to display anything in your vehicle.

Can I use Honk to reserve a parking spot on campus?
No. All visitor parking is first-come-first-serve. While it is possible to purchase your parking through HonkMobile before you arrive at the parking lot, please keep in mind that HonkMobile does not reserve you a spot or guarantee that space will be available when you arrive. We recommend that you wait to purchase your parking after you have located an appropriate space.

What methods of payment are available?
Honk accepts University of Alberta ONEcard Cash, major credit cards, PayPal, VISA debit and Masterpass digital wallet. Coins and credit cards will still be accepted at parking dispensers.

How do I add my ONEcard to my Honk Account?
ONEcard Cash can only be used when you are in a UAlberta parking zone. Open the app, select your zone and rate, scroll down to the payment method area and select "Add Method." From there you will be taken to a secure login screen to enter your UAlberta CCID and password. Once you have added your ONEcard account in the app for the first time, you will be able to select it as your payment method in the future without logging in again.

I need proof of payment for my parking. How do I get a receipt?
Once you’ve paid for parking, Honk will email you a receipt. You can also view all your transactions by visiting the Receipts page in your profile.

How can I purchase parking for someone else?
You can add additional license plates to your own account, but you will have to know when and where they are parked before you purchase their parking. Alternately, you could add funds for parking to their ONEcard Account.

What happens if I get a ticket but I have paid through Honk?
However infrequently, mistakes happen. Please ensure that the license plate entered in the app matches the one on the infraction. If you still believe that you have received a ticket in error, you may file a Citation Appeal with UAlberta Parking Services.

For more FAQs on mobile payment and Honk, visit their website at honkmobile.com/how-it-works

*Please be advised that the information collected by HonkMobile is not in the University of Alberta’s custody or control, and therefore the protection of that information is not the University's responsibility. Please review Honk's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for information about how your information will be used.