Electrical Plugin Schedule

Temperature Control:

  • At temperatures warmer than or equal to -15ºC, power to the system is off.
  • At temperatures colder than -15ºC, power to the system is on. Power cycles every 30 minutes. 
  • At temperatures colder than or equal to -25ºC, power to the system is on full time in all parking lots where power normally cycles.

Parking Lot Cycling Schedule

Areas on From the Full-hour until the Half-hour (i.e. 0900-0930):

  • Parking Lots: E, K, R  
  • East Campus Village: Lots 87, 88
  • Parking Structures: Windsor Carpark

Areas On From the Half-hour Until the Full-hour (i.e. 0930-1000):

  • Parking lots: L, N
  • Parking Structures: Education Carpark, Stadium Carpark

Areas Where Power is Not Cycled:

  • 02 (Campus Saint-Jean)

If you encounter a problem with a plug-in please call Parking Services at 780-24U-PARK with the space number and the location involved. For additional information please call 780-492-PARK (7275).