Permit Cancellations

All parking permits and access cards* must be returned to the Parking Services office if you wish to cancel your parking privileges prior to the expiry date of the permit or access card. Please note that expired permits do not need to be returned.

Parking permits or access cards returned by mail will be cancelled and a receipt issued as of the date the permit or access card is received in our office. Receipts will be mailed to the registered permit holder at the last address identified in our database. If you do not receive a receipt within one week, please contact our office immediately to verify if your permit or access card was received. If your permit or access card has been lost in transit, please come to our office immediately and complete the necessary forms to have the permit or access card inactivated and any refund processed.

Upon termination of employment, permit holders must return their parking permit or access card on or before the last day of employment. Failure to do so will result in the account being in arrears and the collection of the outstanding account. Refunds and/or applicable arrears will be calculated effective as of the date the permit or access card is received in our office.

If a permit is received for cancellation on or after the first day of the month, the refund will be calculated according to the following formula: Refund = full monthly permit cost - (daily maximum visitor rate x the number of working days after and including the first day of the month), up to a maximum of the full monthly permit cost + the full monthly cost of any additional month(s), if applicable.

If your parking permit deductions are being made on a monthly basis through payroll, credit card or your bank account, we request that you verify your subsequent pay stubs, credit card or bank statements to ensure that your deductions have ceased accordingly.

Please be reminded that there is a deductible of $40.00 for lost/stolen permits and $20.00 for access cards. Parking Services will actively look for all lost/stolen permits or access cards. If a lost/stolen permit or access card is recovered within ten days of the claim being made, a refund will be issued provided a subsequent investigation does not conclude that the original permit holder was involved with the loss of the parking permit or access card. If the value of the lost/stolen permit or access card is less than the deductible, a new permit or access card will be issued for the lesser cost.

We invite you to contact our office at 492-PARK (7275) if you have any questions or concerns.

*Access cards are only issued to individuals with permits in restricted carparks such as ECERF/ETLC, University Terrace, Southfield, Timms/Telus and Jubilee Carpark.