Parking Information

Vehicle Security Awareness

The University of Alberta's Parking Services and University Protective Services are working with the Edmonton Police Service to help them promote their city-wide campaign against theft from vehicles.

While the University of Alberta's parking lots are regularly patrolled by University Protective Services, you play a key role in protecting your vehicle.

You can keep your car and valuables safe by following these simple tips from the Alberta Motor Association:

  1. Park in a sensible place, avoiding unlit areas at night.
  2. Remove the ignition key and activate the steering lock.
  3. Lock your doors and close all windows.
  4. Hide your valuables out of sight or take them with you.
  5. Take extra keys out of your vehicle.
  6. Do not leave your insurance or registration in your vehicle.
  7. Do not leave your garage door opener in plain sight.
  8. Always replace the lighter plug once you're finished powering accessories like GPS, satellite radios, and/or radar detectors. Leaving the plug open signals that you may have equipment worth stealing.
  9. Use an anti-theft device on your steering wheel.

If you do experience a break-in while parked on campus property, please contact University Protective Services immediately at 780.492.5050. We thank you for your attention to this matter.